Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Time of Celebration

Hi one and all!
This would be the first time for me to post on our family's blog and I couldn't think of a better time to do it. I hope what I have to say brings joy to those that read it as it has to us that experienced it!
The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting for our little family. This Easter holiday has brought with it many happy memories with many we call friends, and of course, those who are even closer - family.
I've realized that celebrating Easter, along with any meaningful holiday, is a bit of a balancing act when there are little ones that you're celebrating with. There is definitely a hope that they learn the importance of the holiday, what it represents, why it is special to us, as well as a healthy dose of fun and games and, oh, those plastic Easter eggs.
To be honest, I was worried that there would be severe Easter mal-education since Connor and Evan would be getting 4 or 5 different goodie-bags and baskets throughout the holiday. (Seriously, 4 or 5! It was hard work just munching down all that candy so they didn't have too.) I took every opportunity possible as Sunday approached to talk about Jesus and the Resurrection, the candy eggs and the Easter Bunny, just to get the dialogue going. And to my surprise, it turned to be really beneficial. Connor seemed to grasp a concept here and there and asked many genuine questions about so many different things. What a relief! He seemed to be getting it - and that was a really rewarding feeling. And it dawned on me that sometimes it's good to just open up with the kids about anything, don't make it complicated and their learning will come as they ask the questions. Sure they got off on tangents around volcanoes and dinosaurs and planets, but that's the way a child's mind works and they soak it all in if they're interested and they know you're interested in them. What awesome little guys they are!
More to come...