Thursday, August 28, 2008


ahhh I just spent an hour updating the whole fam and it got deleted when I went to add pics, why??? sorry!!! Now its way too late but look back soon! We love yall

Letter to Evan

Evan Daniel Doxey

May 25, 2008

7lbs 14 oz 20 inches

We named you Evan because it means little fighter, and they were worried about you since mommy was 7 weeks pregnant. When Mommy was 24 weeks pregnant they found several problems with the plecenta and they said you could be born at any time. For the next 15 weeks Mommy had to go to about 3 appointments a week so they could check on you. The good part was I got to see you on the ultrasound once a week and I could you were already such a cutie! It always made me feel so happy to know that you were ok & hanging on strong. We were so thankful to be in Maryland for the rest of the pregnancy because we got so much help from all of your Grandparents! Mommy & Daddy said many prayers of gratitude that you were ok. The last five weeks were pretty hard because Mommy had several contractions and we thaught you were coming every night. Your big brother COnnor was also excited for you to come and he looked at you in Mommys belly everyday. You probably would have stayed in Mommys safe warm womb for 2 more weeks, but when Mommy went to her appointment on May 23 they said it was time to induceand bring you into the world. It was a very long labor but once you realized it was time to enter the world you moved really fast for 2 hours and rewarded me by coming out in 2 pushes! Mommy had some very traumatic stuff happen after but I got to hold you for 10 whole minutes right after you were born. It was truly amazing to be holding this little peice of heaven in my arms, especially after all we had been through together! I love you so much and will never forget how beautiful and perfect you were and still are! I am so greatful to Heavenly Father for protecting you and blessing me with the Miracle of Motherhood all over again!