Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bull Crap Anti Mormon literature

I have heard in the past week of about 5 different members of the church that I know who have fallen away because of reading anti Mormon websites! I think this is pretty much ridiculous! It has been in my mind for days and I thought I would write about how I feel. In my opinion what these people have to say about the church has nothing to do with my Savior Jesus Christ. Every religion will have dirt that can be dug up on them! The question these people need to ask is if they have faith in Jesus Christ. I follow the gospel of Jesus Christ and I have found the LDS church to have the most accurate gospel there is! It is so clearly obvious that the organization of our Church is absolutely amazing. To say we are a cult is also really ignorant, how many cults do you know of with over 12 million people in them. There is not another church on the planet that is the same no matter where you go. For that reason alone it is obvious to me that it is run by the order of God. I am sensitive to people questioning their Faith because I have been through this a lot in my life. Just this past week I had someone say something very hurtful and judge mental that made me reflect on my own testimony. This is how my soul searching was answered. There will always be people in the church that make you feel guilty and judge you when they shouldn't. However, this is why the old saying rings true the Church or Gospel is perfect but the people in the church are not! And I am not saying that I am perfect by any means I have many faults, imperfections and trials that I face day to day. I do feel though that I have perfected the ability to not judge anyone because I do not walk in their shoes. So I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not meant to make us feel guilty especially when we have done nothing wrong, I guess what I am trying to say is I don't appreciate feeling shamed nor does anyone. This seems to be they main tool they use on all the websites I have been researching, they say the Mormon church teaches one to feel shame and guilt. I believe this is nor ever was the case. Coming from someone who has made a lot of mistakes I never once have felt that way as an in and out life long member. There is nothing that could ever shake the foundation that my testimony has been built upon because that ROCK is my Savior Jesus Christ. The only intention of The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS has is to bring us joy and happiness through Jesus Christ. I just want to shake these people and ask them does it really matter if the History of the Church is not perfect? Why do you want to leave the church? I think most of the time it is just an excuse to stop following the commandments or the word of wisdom. Do you want to live life being the best you possibly can be? Or do you want to drink and do whatever you want? For me the answer is easy because I have felt the arms of my Savior wrap around me in my hour of need and I cannot deny it. I just want everyone who is questioning their faith to know that if you are questioning it because someone made you feel guilty or unworthy or someone judged you unknowingly then you are questioning your faith for the wrong reason. DON'T let ANYONE make you feel less then you are. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ don't want any of us to feel this way. For those who say that's what our church is -- one big guilt trip know this, you are mislead and you are the ones preaching false doctrine! I am thankful for my testimony and that PEOPLE can't tear it down! I love you all and sorry for the rant!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

We all thought we would be seeing snow on the ground until May!! However, we have been blessed with the most beautiful weather ever this week!! I am in love with Mother Nature right now! It makes everyone happy and energized! We also had a St. Patty/ Bday party this week! Two of the kids I watch turned 2 this past week! I made a little Blues Clues Cake they all love that show! The kiddos have just loved being able to get the daily dose of fresh air
and it makes for nice long naps and wake up free nights!! I LOVE SPRING!